Why do people hate the Jews?


Observing the rise of anti-Semitism and its many anti-Israel manifestations, I am often asked, “Why do people hate the Jews?” This is an important question. People hate the Jews because they are successful; because they have unusual customs; because they are opinionated; because they are liberal; because they are conservative; because they support Israel. These, and other explanations, are superficial and miss the real source of anti-Semitism.

In the world there is good and there is evil. There is light and there is darkness. There is truth and there is falsehood. There is love and there is hatred. There is God and there is Satan. While many people don’t believe in either God or Satan, they may recognize that there are contrasting forces at work in this world—forces that work to bestow blessing and preserve life, as well as forces at work to undermine good and destroy humanity’s life and well-being.

Long ago, God decided to choose a people whom He would use to advance the cause of blessing on His creation. He could have chosen the Eskimos, the Italians, or the Native Americans. But God chose a small group of people descended from Abraham who became known as the Hebrews. They were not better, smarter or more numerous than other people. Nevertheless, they were chosen by God to be His channel of blessing on the world.

Through this small group of people, God gave the world Abraham, Moses, the Torah, the prophets, and the great teachings of Judaism and Christianity.  We have many wonderful inventions in the fields of medicine, music and art through the Jewish people. Those who read the Bible understand God’s promise to give the world a Savior who just happens to be a descendent of Abraham.  We are in a much better place because of the Jews whom God chose as an instrument of blessing this earth.

But there are evil forces that are seeking to hinder the good that God has done and continues to do through the descendants of Abraham. These forces are influenced by Satan to stop the flow of blessing which God has for humanity through the Jewish people and the teachings of Moses, the prophets, and Jesus. These forces have made themselves evident in times past through the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian Pogroms, and the Nazi Holocaust. Today we see these forces of evil manifested through Hamas, Hezbollah, and the radical Islamic leadership of Iran.

Behind the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas is a spiritual war that has yet to make the evening news. But those who read the Bible will understand that there is more to this conflict than is reported on CNN, NBC, and Fox News. It is not about the rights of the Palestinians, the existence of the State of Israel, the “occupation,” or the war in Gaza. These are the most popular, but superficial excuses for anti-Semitism. The real reason why there is so much hatred of the Jews is because of a spiritual conflict. Hatred of Jewish people is ultimately sourced in the evil that seeks to thwart God’s plan to bring His blessing and well-being to the world through the Hebrew people.