The Laney Jeeps

I am the proud owner of two World War II military jeeps which have given me a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in restoring and driving these vintage vehicles.

I enjoy jeeps because they are the classic trucks used by the American soldiers who fought and defeated the enemy during the Second World War. When I am working on a jeep or driving my restored jeep I feel a sense of patriotic pride in  our armed forces and what American soldiers, sailors and flyers have done to secure and maintain the freedoms we enjoy in this country. When I drive my jeep with my American flag waving, I’m giving a one jeep salute to those who have served and are presently serving our country.

I hope you enjoy looking at my jeeps. And if you come by on a sunny day, I’d be happy to crank her up and give you a ride. Click on the pictures below to learn more about each of my jeeps.



1944 GPW S.N 204333

This 1944 WWII jeep has been in our family since 1967. I drove the jeep during my college days and my wife and I dated in this jeep when it was painted blue and had a white vinyl top. In 1997 I began restoring my jeep to its’ original military configuration. I enjoy driving the jeep in parades to honor our veterans.


1942 MB S.N.107862

After completing the restoration of my Army jeep, I began looking for another project. I found this early WWII slat grill jeep and began a complete restoration in 2003. I finished the project and drove it for the first time on December 31, 2011. I restored it as a Navy Shore Patrol jeep to honor my dad who was a Navy aviator and my son who is a Navy Commander.

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