Acts of the Apostles



Although the author of Acts is not named, the evidence points to Luke, the
historian, physician, writer and missionary.  The medical vocabulary used in Acts
supports the view that the book was authored by “Luke, the beloved physician” (Col.
4:14).  Luke joined Paul at Troas (16:11) and includes himself in the “we” sections
(16:10-17, 20:5-21:18, 27:1-28:16).

Acts was written for a prominent individual named Theophilus (1:1).  The
reference to Theophilus is really a dedication characteristic of Graeco-Roman
literature.  The universal scope of Acts indicates that it was written for the church in

Date of Writing

The Book of Acts was probably written in Rome during or after Paul’s first
imprisonment (A.D. 60-62).  Luke wrote his gospel around A.D. 60 and Acts about A.D.

Historical Setting

Acts covers the period from the ascension of Jesus (May 14, A.D. 33)
through Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome (A.D. 60-62).  The book describes the
expansion of the church in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Mediterranean world.


Luke intends his books (Luke and Acts) to present an accurate and orderly
account of the origins and development of the Christian faith.  His first volume presents
the record of Jesus’ Person and work.  Acts traces the advance and development of the
kingdom of God (1:3, 28:31) through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


The advance of the church and expansion of God’s kingdom.


I.  Introduction  1:1-2:4
II.  Witness in Jerusalem  2:5-8:3
III.  Witness in Palestine  8:4-12:25
IV.  Witness in the Mediterranean World  13:1-28:31

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