Laney’s Israel Guide: From Dan to Beersheba


One of the best investments a Christian can make is a pilgrimage to the holy land–the land of the Bible. Jerome, translator of the Latin Vulgate, described the Holy Land pilgrimage as “the Fifth Gospel.” You read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John from the Bible. You read the “Fifth Gospel” as you walk the land.

Bargil Pixner, a Benedictine monk and renown New Testament scholar, adds this thought, “Five gospels record the life of Jesus. Four you will find in books. One you will find in the land they call ‘holy.’ Read the fifth gospel, and the world of the four will open to you.”

These comments confirm my own opinion that there is nothing that will strengthen a person’s spiritual life and enhance their understanding of the Bible as much as a visit to the holy land–the land of Israel. My first visit to Israel was in 1973 when my wife, Nancy, and I spent the summer studying in Jerusalem. Although I had already completed three years of biblical studies at Western Seminary, my summer in Israel opened up the world of the Bible in a way that greatly enhanced my comprehension of Scripture. I have been back to Israel many times since 1973, having the privilege of introducing my students, friends, and family to the Land of the Bible.

Laney’s Israel Guide: From Dan to Beersheba is designed to help travelers prepare for a spiritually enriching and life defining engagement with the Bible in Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel. My book, Laney’s Israel Guide, provides historical and archaeological information about the biblical sites, regional maps, and pictures which will help people prepare for a tour of the land of Israel. If you are not able to make this journey, my new book will give readers a virtual tour of Israel. The book is available on Amazon in paperback ($7.95) and Kindle ($4.95) formats.




“The name of Moses appears at or near the top of everyone’s list of great people of the Bible,” says Dr. Paul H. Wright. Moses was the great mediator between God and His people, the great teacher of right living, and the great example of someone who stepped up to the challenge of leadership.

The book traces the life of Moses from Egypt to Mt. Nebo, telling the story with maps, pictures, and lots of practical lessons and applications. The book is divided into two sections: “The Life of Moses,” followed by “The Teaching of Moses,” as presented in Deuteronomy. I continue to be challenged by Moses’ example, his faithfulness to the challenging task God gave him, and his own human failure which serves as a warning to all who want to faithfully serve God.  The lovely cover was created by one of my former students, Aurelie Trier.

Charlie Dyer, host of The Land and the Book radio program, offered the following endorsement: “I enjoyed reading through this book. It is packed full of detailed observations about the biblical text, and yet written in a lively, engaging style. Carl’s personal illustrations and helpful visuals keep the story moving along. I also appreciated his practical applications. His reflections on the life of Moses are principles that apply directly to our lives today.”

Dr. Dan Sered, Chief Operating Officer for Jews for Jesus, added: “This book is extremely informative and draws you effortlessly into the story giving the reader a deep understanding into the life of Moses. I am thankful this book was written and I whole heartedly recommend it.”

The Story of Moses is available at Amazon Books as a paperback ($12.95) or in a Kindle format ($7.95).  Click here to go to Amazon books.

The Story of the Apostle Paul

Having spent many years teaching an elective class on the book of Acts, I decided that my next writing project would be the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul. Hence, the present volume, The Story of Paul: From Tarsus to Rome. It has been my privilege over the past year to deepen my own study and gain new insights into Paul’s travels and teachings.

This book traces the life of Paul from his early life to his eventual martyrdom in Rome. In addition to the story of Paul, I include summaries of Paul’s teachings on the major subjects addressed in his letters. The book is available on Amazon for $11.99.

The Story of Jesus: Past, Present and Future

Most books on the life of Jesus begin with His birth. This book begins with a flash back to the past to see what Jesus was doing before He was born in Bethlehem. After looking at ten key Old Testament texts, we turn to the Gospels to tell the story of Jesus life on earth. This is followed by an encouraging study of what Jesus is doing now for us in heaven. The forth section of the book presents what Jesus will do in the future according to biblical prophecy. The book is available on Amazon for $9.95 in paperback or $4.95 as a Kindle edition. And if you purchase the paperback, you can have the Kindle edition for just 99 cents.

The Story of Israel

Dr. Todd Miles offered the following endorsement of my book, The Story of Israel: A short history of the land and its people: Students of long-time Western Seminary biblical studies professor Carl Laney will recognize the love for the Bible and the love for the setting of (most of) the Bible that permeates every page of Laney’s latest book. The Story of Israel summarizes Carl’s teachings on the plotline of the Bible as well as providing helpful historical and cultural insights that bring clarification to the proper interpretation of the biblical text. Laney takes you from Genesis 1 through first and second Temple Judaism into the modern era. Those interested in studying the Bible will find this a very helpful resource for understanding the big picture and many of its details.” The Story of Israel is available on for $8.95. The book is also available in Kindle edition for $4.95. If you purchase the paperback book, you can buy the Kindle edition for just $.99. Click this link find my book on Amazon.


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