A Walk Through the Wilderness

I read in the Gospel of Luke how Jesus used to get away from the crowds by going out in the wilderness where he spent time in prayer. It sounds like a good pattern to follow! To get away from the media and technology that engulfs my world, I spent four days last week backpacking through the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. It was physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshing.

First day of the my trip into the wilderness
The South Sister reflecting in Camp Lake
Magenta Paintbrush on the shore of Camp Lake
Mountain meadow blooming with Lupine
Self portrait of my shadow
Enjoying the view from Moraine Lake
God’s handiwork in creation
Thirsty, tired, hungry and HAPPY!

My new book is being well received!

My new book, “The Story of Israel: A short history of the land and its people,” has been well received!  Author and expert geographer (Making Bible Geography Meaningful), Dr. John A. Beck, wrote:

When looking at one story from the plan of salvation, it is easy to lose sight of the way it fits into the entire divine design.  Here, J. Carl Laney recounts key episodes while keeping their relationship to the larger story in view.  As an experienced field instructor in Israel, Laney also provides a steady diet of geographical, cultural, and historical background.  If you are challenged by how the parts of the Bible fit into the whole as well as how it all fits into the land of Israel, this helps. 

My new book traces the people of Israel through the Bible and up to modern times with an emphasis on God’s great plan to restore blessing to His creation through the descendants of Abraham. It is the story of Israel, but you will discover that it is the story of Jesus, the apostles, and God’s people today as well. I am excited to share this story with you!

 The Story of Israel is available on Amazon.com for $8.95. The book is also available in Kindle edition for $4.95. If you purchase the paperback book, you can buy the Kindle edition for just $.99. Click on the link below to find my book on Amazon.



Ice Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness
Ice Lake, Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness. Photo by David Laney

More pictures of Oregon’s scenic beauty can be found on my YouTube video, Oregon Outdoors