The Story of Paul: From Tarsus to Rome

What does a seminary prof do after he officially “retires” from forty years of teaching the Bible? This is a question I asked myself during the summer of 2018 after I submitted my last semester’s grades, spoke at my last commencement and turned in the key to my Western Seminary campus office.

After taking a ten-day vacation trip with my wife and completing some long delayed house projects and organizing my home office, I turned on my computer and began doing what I have been doing for most of my career. I started writing another book. Although writing is one of the hardest things I do, it is also one of the most fulfilling. Writing enables me to take the material that I have researched and taught, and then put it into a form where it can be interesting and helpful for a broader audience than my seminary students. Writing enables me to create resources which will be available to students of Scripture long after I have finished my earthly ministry and have joined family and friends who are already in heaven.

Soon after retiring, I drew on my biblical studies and travels in Israel to write, The Story of Israel: A Short History of the Land and Its People. I self-published the book using CreateSpace, now Kindle Direct Publishing, an Amazon affiliate. After completing my book on Israel, I turned to my lectures on the Gospels and began writing The Life of Christ: Past, Present and Future. I was thrilled to be asked by Western Seminary to create an online “Life of Christ” class based on my new book.

Having spent many years teaching an elective class on the book of Acts, I decided that my next writing project would be the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul. Hence, the present volume, The Story of Paul: From Tarsus to Rome. It has been my privilege over the past year to deepen my own study and gain new insights into Paul’s travels and teachings.

This book traces the life of Paul from his early life to his eventual martyrdom in Rome. In addition to the story of Paul, I include summaries of Paul’s teachings on the major subjects addressed in his letters. The book is available on Amazon for $11.99.

The Story of Jesus: Past, Present and Future

Most books on the life of Jesus begin with His birth. This book begins with a flash back to the past to see what Jesus was doing before He was born in Bethlehem. After looking at ten key Old Testament texts, we turn to the Gospels to tell the story of Jesus life on earth. This is followed by an encouraging study of what Jesus is doing now for us in heaven. The forth section of the book presents what Jesus will do in the future according to biblical prophecy.

Presenting my new book, “The Story of Jesus.”

The book is available on Amazon for $9.95 in paperback or $4.95 as a Kindle edition. And if you purchase the paperback, you can have the Kindle edition for just 99 cents.

Bible Study Methods

I was privileged to speak at a Bible study conference this past fall on “How to get the most out of Bible Study. Click on the picture below to watch my presentation on YouTube.

How to Get the Most From Your Bible Study
How to Get the Most From Your Bible Study

And don’t forget about my other recent publication, “The Story of Israel: A short history of the land and its people.” Dr. Todd Miles, my friend an colleague at Western Seminary wrote, “Students of long-time Western Seminary biblical studies professor Carl Laney will recognize the love for the Bible and the love for the setting of (most of) the Bible that permeates every page of Laney’s latest book. The Story of Israel summarizes Carl’s teachings on the plotline of the Bible as well as providing helpful historical and cultural insights that bring clarification to the proper interpretation of the biblical text. Laney takes you from Genesis 1 through first and second Temple Judaism into the modern era. Those interested in studying the Bible will find this a very helpful resource for understanding the big picture and many of its details.” Thanks, Todd, for these kind words!

The Story of Israel is available on for $8.95. The book is also available in Kindle edition for $4.95. If you purchase the paperback book, you can buy the Kindle edition for just $.99. Click on the link below to find my book on Amazon.

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